Scaffolding System Supplier


Scafom’s North American operations manufacture scaffolding systems and supplies for customers throughout Canada and the United States. We provide customized scaffolding systems for sale in each market we serve and offer full contracting services. Scafom is fully committed to safety and follows ISO based manufacturing practices with complete traceability on every manufactured product, scaffolding rental and new scaffolding equipment to ensure the highest quality and integrity of our platform systems.

Our scaffolding company in Canada offers a wide range of products and equipment for your job sites and projects, including:

  • Accessories: It never hurts to have spare couplers, anchors, and lattice girders on hand in case your run short or misplace any of these items.
  • EPS: Our EPS protective fencing is a new product which is easy to implement on your job sites and helps protect against falling accidents.
  • Façade Scaffolding: Scafom’s Framescaff and Rux Super 65/100 façade scaffolding systems are ideal for job sites requiring this type of scaffolding system.
  • Mobile Scaffolding: Our mobile scaffolding solutions are well suited for job sites where you require more space and include options for both secure outdoor and indoor worksites.

  • Modular Scaffolding: Our Ringscaff product provides one of the most stable and strong module scaffolding systems for sale on the market today. Our scaffolding company in Canada also manufactures stair tower scaffolding to make climbing and exiting any height easier and safer.
  • Props: Scafom’s props are fully hot-dipped, galvanized to protect against corrosion and include standard drop-out and hand protection.
  • Shoring: Our shoring scaffolding for sale include several different product lines, such as SBS, Duralok, Poly, and Bertour, to meet the needs of any worksite and project.
  • Swingstage: Scafom’s commitment to safety is not only evident in our scaffolding systems, but also with our swingstage product lines. Whether you require rope grabs, lanyards, or hoists, we have exactly what you need to keep your job site safe and help lower the likelihood of accidents.
  • Weather Protection: You do not have to put your projects on hold with the proper weather protection added to your scaffolding system, such as Alu Rasant light roofing and tent roofing. Roofs allow workers to be shielded from the elements so you are able to avoid construction delays and deliver projects on time.
  • High Visibility Safety Covers: These brightly colored safety covers helps improve safety on job sites. Scafom offers Hi-Viz products to cover protruding scaffolding parts and components to protect against accidents caused by these parts and components.

In addition to these product lines, our Canada scaffolding company has complete jobsite solutions with our numerous other products, like high speed electrical wire ropes, circular access platforms, super decks, overhang beams, counterweight columns, outrigger davits, cable trusses, and more. For more information about our scaffolding systems for sale or the locations of Scafom’s scaffolding suppliers in Canada, contact us today by calling 905-494-1703.