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A coupler, a lattice girder, an anchor… or even an entire scaffolding structure out of tubes and couplers. The many indispensable helpers on the building site allow ideas to become clever solutions. All that you really need can be found in our comprehensive range of accessories. And if there is something you cannot find or you need an individual solution, let’s talk about it!


Protecting against the weather also protects values. ALU RASANT allows us to offer your project a stable yet astonishingly light roof. The aluminum cassettes really demonstrate their weight advantage in the assembly process and can be used both as a roof as well as a wall solution. The basis for the assembly is provided by a lattice girder structure with all required accessory parts from the Scafom-rux ranges.


Light weatherproofing roofs are what every user would like to have. We are able to supply with immediate effect a modern and ultra-light aluminum tent roof in span widths of up to 20 meters. The costs for logistics and storage are low, the components are high-load-bearing and the assembly is as easy as you would expect. You can use scaffolds of any width and length. All elements can be moved and assembled manually.