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The adjustable and variable-angle props from Scafom-rux are based on more than 30 years’ experience. These are sometimes better known by the name Brinkmann props.The various versions range from relatively simple shoring in small-scale housing construction to adjustable and variable angle props for higher shoring and system form work where heavy to very heavy loads are involved, such as in the shoring of high elements and columns in utility construction, road construction and hydraulic engineering.

Scafom-rux props have hand and drop-out protection as standard and are also always completely hot-dip galvanised.


SPS is an excellent heavy duty shoring system. With a safe working load up to approximately 30 ton per standard, SPS is a highly reliable shoring system for situations involving heavy loads. Engineering is, of course, very important in these situations. Scafom-rux has the solution for you here too. Your project will be calculated carefully and we will devise a customized solution based on safety, reliability and feasibility, and all this within your project budget.


A clever system that is characterised by the ease of assembly and dismantling. DURALOK is a very popular modular scaffolding system which is also highly suitable for vertical shoring. Safe, efficient and strong due to the use of high strength steel which makes it suitable for use in situations involving heavy loads. Top quality, independently tested and officially certified. Reliable through and through.