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A clever system that is characterised by the ease of assembly and dismantling. DURALOK is a very popular modular scaffolding system which is also highly suitable for vertical shoring. Safe, efficient and strong due to the use of high strength steel which makes it suitable for use in situations involving heavy loads. Top quality, independently tested and officially certified. Reliable through and through.


The POLY shoring system is an innovative product solution to shore concrete floors in every construction sector. It provides the optimum solution for every problem with regard to method, safety and budget. The system is modular and therefore can be coupled both horizontally and vertically without restrictions and without any reduction in load capacity. By using high-quality steel combined with the special design, the product has an optimum strength/weight ratio and can be assembled completely by hand. The POLY shoring system is therefore the ideal system to shore viaducts, multi-storey car parks, apartment floors, etc.


The BERTOUR shoring scaffold is highly suitable for use in numerous situations on any construction site.

Maximum attention to safety in each phase: during construction and during use.
Easy entry to the entrance, floor sections with anti-slip surface, safety rails and high maximum load.